$301 - $400

GreenPower GreenVision III

A local greenhouse contacted us to see if we could repair these Philips driver boards for their GP-SON 1000W lamps. We found a common fault and a solution to all 6. In the process we've invested in a fixture and lamps to test the units under operating conditions to ensure quality control. Large greenhouse can save a substantial amount by having these repaired instead of buying new. Discounts for sending 6 or 12 at a time, We give a one year warranty.

Coats Model 1250DV/1255DV circuit board Repair, 85000049, 85000116, 85000115

This is an assembly of parts that includes the following:

85000116 - Single Board Computer
85000398 - Touch Panel
85000393 - Lexan Shield
85000392 - LCD Kit
85000049 - Main PCB
85000115 - DC-AC Inverter to light lamp in LCD.

We can repair the Main PCB, we can replace lamps or repair the LCD panel and we can repair the Inverter.

We suggest you sent the entire assembly.

CRC 32V Inverter

This unit was paired with the LaMarch Charger in a marine application. It's built like a brick house, we replaced some old worn out components, replaced the meter and put new wire leads on it and it's ready to serve another 30 years.

Tadano TR-500XL

This is the relay cabinet that operates the crane. We were able to repair some bad connections and replace some worn out relays and save the customer a large chunk of cash (over buying a new cabinet)