We repair a wide variety of circuit boards, this category contains the unique repairs we've done.

Highway/Traffic Sign repair

We have only repaired a couple of these but would be happy to repair more. We can repair the controller box if it's failed and we can repair/refurbish the sign itself. Old lights can be replaced with newer LED lights, rewiring is possible on older signs. You may be able to get more life out of an older, better built unit than a new offshore one. Consider how long it lasted the first time before it failed.

Custom Transformer Winding

Working with power supplies for years has exposed us to repeated scenarios of "the main transformer is shorted" or "Solenoid is burned out". Our solution was to buy a manual winding machine and stock the various guages of wire and just re-wind them as needed. If you have a transformer that needs to be replaced we'll disassemble it noting winding numbers and construction details and then we can make you one or many new ones to match.

BGLED888, Barge Light Repair

We repaired a bunch of these for barges on the Fraser River here in BC. What we found is that the units were corroding and the upper circuit board was shot but the rest of the unit was salvageable. We simply designed and had made replacement circuit boards that the LEDs mount to. We also have switches and daylight sensing circuits.

If you've got a box of these that have failed send them in, we can rebuild them for a fraction of the cost of new.

Tadano TR-500XL

This is the relay cabinet that operates the crane. We were able to repair some bad connections and replace some worn out relays and save the customer a large chunk of cash (over buying a new cabinet)