Industrial voltage 208V

Penta Drive

This common drive is found everywhere and is not difficult to repair. Our customers usually have a spare and we repair the damaged one to return to the stock room.

Heidenhain BE412B Monitor

We can repair the circuit boards if there is a fault and we can replace the CRT if it has become dim and/or unfocused. Before you consider buying the replacement LCD unit for thousands, consider that the lamps in an LCD only last 3-5 years, replacing the CRT in your unit will last 10-15 and the cost is lower!

IBM 750

IBM SurePOS 750 series motherboard for 4800-242/24E.

8 powered USB ports,
2-IDE, FDC, 2 comm port,
ETH, DVI video,
Parallel port,
PS2 and 2 cash drawers.

Replaces 30L6328, can also be used as a drop in replacement for 4800-733 (20P3887 or 43P8622).